In 2005, McLean Bible Church made the strategic decision to serve the major universities of Washington, DC with an on-campus presence. Our goal was to create a worship service, a small group structure, a global impact plan and a ministry philosophy that allowed a student to be connected to Mclean Bible Church without ever leaving campus. The Lord has used The Gathering in powerful ways during that time and we are all grateful for what He has done and the privilege of being a part of it.

A year ago, Mclean Bible Church began a strategic review of all aspects of our ministry. This review has resulted in a number of changes that include a new approach to young adult ministry. As a church, we are moving to a more intergenerational model where we will no longer offer worship services designed specifically for young adults (Frontline) or university students (The Gathering). Our hope is to integrate college students and young adults fully into the life of our church family.

With this change, the spring semester of 2013 was the last semester where The Gathering existed as an on-campus ministry at American, Georgetown, George Mason or The University of Maryland. We have walked our student leaders, volunteers and congregations through this change and encouraged them to connect with the MBC campus closest to them.

While this was a difficult change, we are confident God is leading in this direction and our entire church family, including college students, will be well served by this transition. Thanks for being a part of what God has done through The Gathering. Our greatest prayer for you is that you will continue to live for His glory in your generation in this city.

For more information about or to locate the McLean Bible Church campus closest to you, please see mcleanbible.org/locations.