Now That Was An Awesome Night!!

All week long, our Gathering team has been urging students in DC to use these snow days to serve their campuses, their neighborhoods and this city.  If you missed the video we shot earlier this week, you can check it out here to get the full idea.  Our heart was simple – use this time to serve people in the name of Christ so that His fame would grow, even in a blizzard.

Well, last night I got to make my contribution to that cause.  I was watching the local news late yesterday afternoon and heard that hospitals were in need of volunteers with four wheel drive vehicles to transport essential personnel.  Now that’s a perfect match for a guy from Upstate New York with an old SUV and a major case of cabin fever!  So, off I went.  Not going to lie, I felt pretty manly and it was pretty awesome!  But it also felt really good to serve.  People were so appreciative and it’s cool to think of the ripple effect – yeah, I just played glorified taxi for the night.  But the people I was serving had performed surgeries, delivered babies and helped the injured.  Love how our little efforts can be a part of something much bigger.

Wanted to post this for two reasons:

1.  Today’s another snow day.  I still want to encourage you to find ways to serve today.  There are so many out there if you just look for them.

2.  I never want to be the kind of pastor that urges people to serve, shoots a quick video and then goes and hangs by the fire while college students are outside freezing.  I’m in this with you guys and even though we didn’t get to serve alongside each other, we’re all pursuing the same thing.  Or maybe I should say we’re all pursuing the same One.

Allan and I are working from my kitchen today.  You better believe we’ll be praying for you and trusting God to inspire you to take action in some way today.

Go live for the fame of Jesus,


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  1. That’s actually pretty amazing. Great job John :)