Georgetown and George Mason Closed Today

Both Georgetown and George Mason Universities have closed for the day, canceling all classes and activities.  So, our Gatherings at both of those campuses are falling victim to the same fate as AU last night – canceled.  If you’ve been outside at all today or are near a window, that’s probably not much of a surprise to you, but we wanted to make sure you knew we were officially canceled for the night.

Our student leadership teams at both campuses are thinking about possible other activities — nothing major, maybe just getting together to watch a movie or something.  You can check the Facebook groups for both campuses for more information on what they come up with.  Here are the links for Georgetown and for Mason.

If you didn’t see yesterday’s video blog yet, check it out.  Would love to see groups of students all over this city serving in this time of need.

As for UMD tomorrow night, we’ll just wait and see.  If the university opens, we’ll meet.  If the university closes, we don’t.  Pretty simple.

Our team is praying for you guys and we can’t wait to see you all on campus again soon.

For Christ’s Fame,


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